15 July, 2012 - Espy, Gershwin Room

db are on at 8, $15 entry, The Esplanade, St. Kilda.

7 July, 2012 - Prague, Thornbury

Playing with Perpetual End (ACT), BROOZER (who are fucking amazing), and some others. 911 High St, Thornbury.

28 June, 2012 - Blue Tile Lounge, Fitzroy

db + stone desert residency @ Blue Tile Lounge, 95 Smith Street, Fitzroy. Pay by donation, we're on at 9:30.

21 June, 2012 - Blue Tile Lounge, Fitzroy

db + stone desert residency @ Blue Tile Lounge, 95 Smith Street, Fitzroy. Pay by donation, we're on at 9:30.

14 June, 2012 - Blue Tile Lounge, Fitzroy

db + stone desert residency @ Blue Tile Lounge, 95 Smith Street, Fitzroy. Pay by donation, we're on at 9:30.

9 June, 2012 - The Barley Corn Hotel, Collingwood

Playing with Sexxx and Stone Desert, 177 johnson st, collingwood.

7 June, 2012 - Blue Tile Lounge, Fitzroy

dropbunny are playing with Stone Desert and others, 95 Smith Street, Fitzroy. Bands start at 7:30, we're on at half nine. We're playing here every Thursday in June.

26 May, 2012 - Dv8 Nightclub, Melbourne

dropbunny playing DV8, 12-14 McKillop St, Melbourne. Doors open 10pm, $10 at the dcor. More details here.

5 May, 2012 - Central Club, Richmond

ye gods, the Central Club. Details here!, unfortunately we've been shifted to 7pm, which is lame, but we'll be having an excellent after party immediately afterwards, any friends of db are absolutely welcome. 293 Swan St, Richmond, from 6:30.

25 April, 2012 - The Prague Venue

Surprise lineup! We're not sure who else is playing...but it's 911 High Street, Thornbury, we're on at 10:30. Come down!

4 April, 2012 - Bendigo Hotel

with Hotel Wrecking City Traders, Disrupture and White Veins, we're on at 11, more details here. 125 Johnson Street, Collingwood.

16 March, 2012 - IO Album Launch - John Curtin Hotel

IO Album Launch! Featuring Death of Art (who're launching their new filmclip the same night), Hybrid Nightmare, BROOZER and Moth. THIS IS VERY EXCITING, YES??? $12 at the door, $10 if you pre-order using the link below. Doors open at 8pm, John Curtin Hotel, 29 Lygon Street, Carlton. On Facebook here.

3 March, 2012 - House of Rock, The Palace

We're playing at House of Rock, at the Palace Theater, 20-30 Bourke Street, Melbourne (formerly the Metro). Doors open at 9pm, we're on at midnight. $15 at the door, $12 entry if you put your name down here. Should be good!

17 December, 2011 - DV8

dropbunny, Moth and Synthetic Breed, doors open 10pm. More deets here. 12-14 McKillop St, Melbourne.

25 November, 2011 - The Prague, Northcote

dropbunny, Messanger, Death Rat and Dread, doors open at 8pm, 10$ entry. 911 High St, Thornbury

08 October, 2011 - Gershwin Room, The Espy, St. Kilda

This is the EP launch of the most excellent ZEN. Door @ 7:30pm, $12 entry, unfortunately we'll be on @ 8pm. This will also be our last performance before hitting the states for a month, so come down!

10 September, 2011 - The Barwyn Club, Geelong

Playing with Moth, Disrupter and Drifter, doors open 8pm.

3 August, 2011 - The Esplanade Hotel, St. Kilda

Espy front bar, playing with the most excellent Zen. From 7pm, free entry, 11 The Esplanade, St. Kilda

18 June, 2011 - Idgaff, Abbotsford

With Apocalypse By The Sea, from 7pm, free entry. 160 Hoddle St, Abbotsford.

20 November, 2010 - The Prague, Thornbury

This is the EP launch of good friends The Kator. Door @ 7pm, $5 entry, we'll be metalling it up around half 10. 911 High Street, Thornbury.

13 October, 2010 - The Central Club, Richmond

Continuing the BATTLE OF ZE BANDZ0RS. Last time we played we almost electrocuted ourselves by demolishing a home-made strobe light, which caused half the PA to explode. Fun times! We intend to allow our destructive tendencies to run even more amok this time, so wear safety glasses if you're coming. 293 Swan Street, from 7:30, we're on 10:30ish.

30 September, 2010 - Prague, Thornbury

911 High Street. This will be pretty fucking amazing actually - it's an art exhibition showing off the more bizarre sides of Melbourne performance, aural and visual art. It will be an exciting mess! The music - punk, dub, glitch, jazz, folk, metal. Should be fun times.

11 September, 2010 - Film clip filming thang, Brunswick

It's not really a gig, but... We need extras for some filming we're doing. We're supplying beer and bbq for anyone who rocks up, and is prepared to spend a couple of hours bopping around for a camera. 36 Phoenix Street, Brunswick, starts at 4pm. So yeah, come along if you feel like it!

10 September, 2010 - The Central Club, Richmond

293 Swan Street, we're on @ 10pm. It's a BaTtLe Of tHe BaNdS which means it'll probably be atrocious. The venue's crap, and they have a shit selection of beer. However, if you're willing to endure, haha then you'll get the supreme displeasure of having us play at you. Come along!

14 August, 2010 - The Prague Venue

911 High Street, Thornbury. Unfortunately we have little (read: no) knowledge of what this show will involve. We will be playing, we imagine it starts at 8 and has some door charge. There will probably be other bands. SO INFORMATIVE

8 August, 2010 - The Arthouse

616 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. The welcome back gig pt 1! With Trojan Kettle, Zen and Applikator. FREE ENTRY YOU LUCKY DUCKIES from 6pm onwards

18 July, 2010 - Town and Country Hotel

2 Unwins Road, St.Peters , NSW, Free entry, with Trojan Kettle & Pirhana Party. 7pm onwards.

17 July, 2010 - Manly Youth Centre

Kangaroo street, Manly, NSW, Free entry, with Trojan Kettle & Pirhana Party, as well as Coffin and Doctor Fungi. 7pm onwards.

16 July, 2010 - The Pastoral Hotel

110 Talbragar Street, Dubbo, NSW, Free entry, with Trojan Kettle & Pirhana Party. 7pm onwards.

15 July, 2010 - Armidale Club

91 Beardy Street, Armidale, NSW, Free entry, with Trojan Kettle & Pirhana Party. 7pm onwards.

14 July, 2010 - The Great Northern

89 Scott Street, Newcastle, NSW, Free entry, with Trojan Kettle & Pirhana Party. 7pm onwards.

9 July, 2010 - The Prague Venue

911 High Street, Thornbury. $10 entry, with Go Genre Everything (w00t!) and Applikator. Starts ~ 8pm

29 May, 2010 - Bang Nightclub

629 Bourke Street, Melbourne, $15 entry, with InVolume and OwnKind...which proves once and for all that attaching an adjunct to a noun is indeed the best way to create the name of a METAL band. Or most cliched. We're on at 9pm.

24 April, 2010 - Croxton Hotel, Thornbury

607 High Street, Thornbury. We're on @ 11. This is going to be a very, very special show. We have so many surprises planned, it should be a little ridiculous. $13 entry. Email xero !at? for presale tickets.

18 April, 2010 - Gershwin Room, Espy

tix $10 presale, $12 at the door (email xero !at? for presale tix). The Esplanade, St. Kilda.

19 December, 2009 - Arthouse

616 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. Massive lineup over two days - 13 bands in total, playing 19 and 20th. Playing with An Easier Question, Lanstrum, Scar the Surface, Bronson, Voltera and Hatchet Dawn...even more ridiculous metal the following night. THERE WILL BE A BBQ which is pretty sweet - starts at 5, we're on at 6 so don't be too late!

17 December, 2009 - Noise Bar

Albert Street, Brunswick, with Horrorshima and some others...big metal bash. ~$10 entry, starts 9pm.

13 December, 2009 - Tote Hotel

71 Johnson St Collingwood. Playing with good friends Trojan Kettle and Go Genre Everything, as well as Jika and Alithia. Should be a bizarre mix of experimentalish alternative music! $5 entry, starts at 4pm.

13 November, 2009 - Vedette Nightclub, Footscray

youd' think they'd be bored of us by now. Cnr nicholson & buckley sts, footascray

23 October, 2009 - Vedette Nightclub, Footscray


9 October, 2009 - Vedette Nightclub, Footscray

Even though we got trapped in the backstreets of footscray last time (wtf is up with that place?!) and ended up being very late for our show, vedette are graciously having us back to yell at you some more.

4 October, 2009 - Arthouse, Melbourne

Despite getting very annoyed at us last time when one of the between-song-skits ended up leaving broken glass everywhere, we're playing the arty again! With Zen, and some other bands who're apparently good, but i haven't heard them yet. $7 entry, we're on at 11.

19 September, 2009 - Empress Hotel, Brunswick

Starts during the day...4pm. Playing with Ira Caelum, and the very friendly Zen. We should base our performance around Mumon's koans as reference to them, maybe. Hmm. Think it's free entry.

12 September, 2009 - Brunswick Hotel, Brunswick

SShock2 reference ftw

Another sunday gig, this time with Lan Party and Go Genre Everything, so should be very interesting if nothing else. Starts about 8ish, i think we're on @ 9. Free entry afaik

10 September, 2009 - Blue Tile Lounge, Fitzroy

Apparently it's an impromptu, informal battle of the bands thing? 95 Smith St, Fitzroy, we're on at 11. NFI if you've gotta pay to get in, how much etc.

6 September, 2009 - Vedette Nightclub, Footscray

We're on at 4, which was weird because i didn't think goths were allowed to come out during daytime. It's tradition, or old charter, or something. Bit apparently it's going to be a fairly chilled affair for people still coming down from Saturday - should be nice.

28 August, 2009 - The Continental Hotel, Sorrento

Come watch us embarrass ourselves in front of pop loving, plaid wearing, animal copulating bogans. We're on at 11, $15 entry.

18 July, 2009 - The Noise Bar Brunswick

artHouse pic

Saturday 18th July, doors open at 8pm, we'll be on around 10pm.

8 July, 2009 - The Arthouse North Melbourne

artHouse pic

ARGGHGHGH dropbunny play at the arthouse Wed 8th July, they're on at 11, doors open 8pm, $6 entry @ 616 Elizabeth St, melbourne.